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The media turns to Tina Ruggiero, M.S., R.D., L.D., for expert insights on nutrition topics from headline news to tried-and-true food topics. Tina is a nationally recognized media spokesperson who has been quoted in magazines, newspapers and websites, including Men’s Health, Kiwi, iVillage, Details, Woman’s World and More. She is also a frequent guest on national and local television and radio programs, a spokesperon for Driscoll’s berries and the nutrition expert for Brooke Burke’s ModernMom.

Tina is available to speak to media and corporations about a range of topics and offers engaging interviews, educated opinions and effective solutions. Contact Tina to set up an interview today!

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Simmons, the nation’s most revered fitness expert, best-selling author and Emmy winner, publishes a self-titled newsletter to which Tina has enthusiastically contributed.

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