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For companies large and small, public and private, Tina has lent her insight and expertise. For this professional, no challenge is too big, as her clients will attest:

"I never cease to be amazed by the depth of Tina's insights into the way we eat and drink in modern society. And then she tops it all off by explaining in the most lucid prose imaginable (often with original recipes she has developed) how we can do it all better--and enjoy ourselves even more."
Charles Forman, Sr. VP, Grp Publisher,
The Beverage Information Group

“Tina is a strategic thinker who excels at marrying appropriate tactics with strategies. She’s responsive, reliable, ever upbeat, a great team player, tenacious about getting results for her clients, creative, and the epitome of poise, professionalism and diplomacy. It’s a true pleasure to work with Tina.”
Joan Boykin, Director Of Marketing & PR,
Celestial Seasonings

“Tina is a pro. Her writing is sharp, and she’s a polished public speaker. Clearly, Tina is passionate about nutrition and wellness, and she’s always eager to share what she knows in a compelling, empowering way.”
Rick Kirkpatrick, Vice President,
Sweet Street Desserts

“Tina was an outstanding agency partner when we worked together on the Häagen-Dazs brand. A true professional with a wealth of expertise, I valued Tina’s strategic leadership and her skill in identifying unique solutions to build brand awareness and relevance. She excelled in program execution and possessed an attention to detail that contributed to growing Häagen-Dazs results in its largest global market.”
Douglas Ronan, Director Of Marketing,

"Tina Ruggiero brings her whole self—an incredible intellect, passion for others, and leadership in both thought and action—to all things ‘culinary.’ She is a vital force for positive, healthy change in the lives of Chefs Line’s members."
Jennifer Beiser, Founder,

"Working with Tina is always a pleasure. She brings a depth of critical thinking and practical experience to all of our projects while speaking thoughtfully to our clients' needs."
Laura Baddish, President,
The Baddish Group

...Kudos for Tina's blog, The Voice of Reason:

"When it comes to diet and; nutrition, America is -- more often than not -- a nation in denial. Tina Ruggiero deals with both issues head on -- with clarity, directness and honesty. If you want straight answers that don't promise magical cures but deliver on both common sense and facts, then this is the site for you."
Peter S. Greenberg
Travel Editor for NBC's Today Show,

"Being a fitness professional, I'm responsible for keeping my clients informed about the latest scientific breakthroughs in sports and nutrition. Unfortunately, I spend a lot of time sorting through volumes of misinformation in my search for reliable resources.

Tina's gift for teaching with a clear message -- coupled with her credentials -- guarantees the "Voice of Reason" will serve as a timely and objective guide to achieving a healthy lifestyle."

Christopher Warden, CSCS, NCSA-CPT

"As a Registerd Dietitian and 32-year member of the food industry's nutrition and regulatory affairs, quality and marketing sectors, working for Campbell Soup Company and recently retiring from Kellogg Company, I am most concerned about the volume of misinformation that is delivered to unsuspecting consumers and non-nutrition professionals alike.

Tina Ruggiero's Voice of Reason is exactly what's needed to cut through the clutter - to shed light on the wealth of science-based, accurate and understandable nutrition information which will truly improve quality of all of our projects while speaking thoughtfully to our clients' needs."

Carol J. Pratt, M.S., R.D.,
CJP Consulting, LLC

"As a consumer, the Voice of Reason is insightful, witty, and engaging, providing commentary on the ever changing world of food and nutrition. As a fellow dietitian, Tina takes a forward approach in eloquently articulating nutrition science into something everyone can enjoy."
Jeannie Houchins, MA, R.D.

"What I love about this blog is that I have access to information from a source without an agenda."
Bob Parrinello, Personal Chef



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